loyalty? emotionally unavailable? what?

So my boyfriend or my ex boyfriend who still acts like we are together is very confusing. We met at work everything was great, we both got out of bad relationships. However, I left all of baggage with my last relationship where it should've stayed. Him however, has been acting odd lately and we've been arguing a lot. He told me he was emotionally unavalible and emotionally limited. I was mad and called him selfish because he knew this yet proceeded to approach me and busted his ass trying to win me. He did. So I called him selfish because why waste my time if you know we will never be there fully feeling wise. He tells me I'm overreacting and that he is loyal to me. But that I shouldn't complain about his nonchalant attitude towards everything. Only time he is nice or affectionate is when he wants something or wants to have sex. Besides that he is just kind of ass. I'm tired of if. We are both 20 and 21. I need someone else's input, advice