am I pregnant ?!🀞

My period was supposed to start on the 8th /10th of this month . It is now a couple days late .Β 
My nipples were tender but now my entire boobs are really tender . I was running and I could totally feel them hurt . I have been getting cramps but they don't last long .
I always feel like if I'm wet so I go to the bathroom and nothing just some yellowish cm at times to white .
Today I put my finger inside to check some cm and it was milky color and , thick stretchy . Also I've been really bloated and I was constipated in my tww with a bit of a stuffy/runny nose . Headaches , and some dizziness. I've been more tired as well .
I should be able to test now that I missed my period right ?Β 
I had taken some pregnancy test like at 10dpo but all negative .Β 
Hoping this is it ! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ