I'm sick of this!

This sounds terrible but I'm just about to lose my shit on my husband. He does nothing for this household except bring home a paycheck and sit on his ass. He finally has a good job. I supported him for so long jumping from job to job or being unemployed but he now has a good job with great pay and benefits and he wants to leave just because of a little drama. He's willing to give up our sons insurance just because of drama at work that he's not even involved in. News flash!! There will be drama anywhere you go. I'm not a materialistic person but every girl wants to be shown appreciation. Especially on Valentine's Day. He waited until the day of Valentine's Day on His way home and walked in with a Dr Pepper and a Reese cup. I mean really?! Glad you put so much thought and effort into it! 🙄 today he comes home and I ask him to take our 3 month old son long enough for me to take a shower and he had the nerve to ask me why I wanted to take a shower and ask if someone came over today. Are you serious?! Yeah while I'm taking care of our son in my pajama pants, over sized tshirt, unbrushed teeth, and greasy ponytail I cheated on you. I've never once done anything wrong to him. I'm so sick of this. I'm sick of him being a lazy father, I'm sick of the mess he leaves behind for me to clean up, I'm sick of being accused of cheating. I'm sick of everything. I just want my son. He needs to get his shit together!