People and their stupid comments about pregnancy!! 😤😤

Okay, so I've been happily engaged for 2 years now. Our wedding was planned for last year, but I had a miscarriage...and put it off. Now it was planned for this year....and now I've been blessed to be pregnant again. No one knows I'm pregnant at work. But I was having a conversation with a co-worker...and said, my fiancé and I are "TTC" lol. This lady "ease dropper" had the nerve to tell don't wanna wait until your married ? I didn't even respond. I just thought to myself Like...umm! No one was talking to you. And guess what ? God so happened to bless me with a pregnancy b4 my wedding. OH WELL. I'm blessed, and still getting married pregnant AND ALL lol. Haters gone hate. Do things your way...Let ppl do theirs another. Period. I hate hypocrites! Like....this lady has 2 kids, and isn't with their dad...about to get married for a second time. So save it. People get married...have kids...and divorce. There's NO ORDER. It's whatever God has planned. That just irritated me. I have a short fuse for nonsense now that I'm pregnant 😂😂. Just thought I'd vent ! Has this happened to anyone ? Or something similar ?