29 weeks freaking out!

It's late so I can't call my doctor, but wondering if I should go to the ER. I've been having cramps, kind of like I have to use the bathroom, for about 3 days now. They're pretty intense, and my stomach tightens during them, kind of like Braxton Hicks. I poop once a day, which is normal for me, but I get this intense urge to push like I have to poop, and I don't have to. The cramps start in my upper abdomen and stop in my lower abdomen. I'm not bleeding, and I'm not leaking water, but is this something to be concerned about? I don't recall my contractions feeling this way with my first, but the cramps are getting super uncomfortable and hard to ignore. Literally feels like I have a stomach bug, and I have to go, but I don't. 😔