sore after sex.

I am 17 and have been having sex for almost 2 years. My boyfriend and I have been having sex for almost a year. In the past 3-4-5 months sex has been causing a lot of pain afterwards. We have sex usually 2-3 times a week. During sex is not painful and we try to make sure that I am very wet before we start. It doesn't matter if it is short or longer, rough or gentle, after sex I am so sore. Like doubled over crying sore. It hurts more when he cums inside me, but still hurts when he doesn't as well. I always go pee after I have sex too. 
Any ideas or help? This is making it hard for me to want to have sex. It is difficult to talk to anyone since I'm only 17 and my parents don't agree with it. Also neither does my doctor. Help?