Lost a whole day of pumped milk :(


I just found the cooler bag from work yesterday, my husband and I both forgot to put the bottles of pumped milk in the fridge. I read that in a cooler bag milk can last up to 24 hours but this was more like 28 and it smells a tad off so I don't think we can risk it.

I'm just so bummed, felt like I had to share somewhere.

It's just such a waste of epic proportions that I don't know how to feel with all my constant agonizing over every lost droplet or spilled drop, every little bit clinging to the inside of the bottle that I have to bang vigorously to get out... Everything I've saved from all that stress, squeezing in an extra pumping occasionally even, it all feels like such a waste of energy when I can just make one dumb mistake and be set back a whole day. We're always only a bit ahead of our needs without a freezer back log so this will be tough.

Maybe the lesson I should take from this is not to stress the droplets so much, but right now all I can think about is the scale of the waste and how I'm possibly going to catch up.

Anybody else been in a similar boat? How did you feel and/or how did you fix your supply problem?