Are Sex Drive and Hunger Linked?

Tracy • TECTA and CDA certified. Full-time teacher. A certified toddler specialist but I also specialize in my hubby😝
So, I just posted about having excessive hunger and sleepless nights on the regular lately, that's another post(Under Health & Lifestyle)...I'd appreciate comments on that with that post, not this one. But that's not all I've been dealing with! So, Besides stress and sleeplessness, I've been really hungry lately, not that it would hurt me, I'm a very small person but it's out of the norm and it doesn't stop for long. I eat and thirty minutes later I'm hungry...this is kind of embarrassing but, my sex drive has been through the roof😳 not that I would mind otherwise, but I am single and I don't intend to act on it...What I need to know is what can I do? And are hunger and sex drive linked? My fertile window isn't for a couple days, which to me is weird cuz that's usually when this happens to me