Vent! πŸ˜­πŸ˜’

I'm sorry ladies, but I need to vent. I'm going through an extremely tough time and feel like I'm about to break.....
A little back story, I'm a jobless stay at home mom. My daughter is a year old, and I left her dad because he had drug problems and couldn't grow up/stop using. I live with my parents. I have no friends or social media(besides this app). I only have a high school diploma and have a few years of experience in office jobs.Β 
I know my life isn't as bad as others have it. I just recently feel like everything's against me. I got offered a job a week ago and I made plans to except the job, only to get a call Sunday after church that they decided to rehire an old employee.Β 
This might sound sad and pathetic. But I need to get this out. I have no-one to talk to. And my SO doesn't quiet understand how I feel.Β 
Sorry for wasting anyone's Β time just need to get this off my chest.Β