mommy shaming blues (rant)

Someone asked me how I raised my kids (we were all moms talking about this) and I go very by the book no sugar no antibiotics no tv practice chores at the age of 2 (not out of their capabilities) and I'm a very natural person and a Muslim so those values were mentioned as well because we were all very close friends. They said I would ruin my kid and I would regret raising them in religion (though they do the same for Christianity) and that they will die without ibuprofen and all this and that. It wasn't what they said so much as the cuss words used. I don't get it. When a mom drinks wine she is told to live a little and be proud. When I don't do anything but be healthy and try to be vise-free (though I know I have my flaws) I'm shamed. Women get more shame for following rules than to not nowadays it seems. I mean damn I know I'm new to the mommy game but wow. This is harsher than I thought from my friends. Sorry for the rant.