pregnant one cycle before IVF 🤗

Well, we did it! I'm finally pregnant after 16 months of trying and seeing two clear lines on all brands of tests and will be taking a digital today (I just want to see the word pregnant 😂😂😂). We were set to start our first round of <a href="">IVF</a> in two weeks, but it looks like I can cancel that appointment!
What is weird is that I just knew that this would be the cycle we finally conceived, and I started preparing myself for what my reaction would be to the pink lines rather than the bfn. I have literally zero real symptoms. BB's hurt, but that's normal post o, and some days I have lots of extra cm. I get pinching in my uterus from time to time but I'm not sure that's a symptom.
For all of you who are still trying: keep trying, know that it will happen, and know that you will be a wonderful parent. It seems like a lifetime when you're try, whether it's been 2 months or two years. I wanted to scream everyone someone told me to just relax, and tbh I never just relaxed. Relaxing doesn't inform you when you're ovulating! It seemed like everyone else could get prego right away, why not me? But it will happen and it is such a crazy, weird, exciting feeling. Anyway, I'm just excited and wanted to be sure to offer encouragement to everyone who is still going through it!