Finding out you were pregnant

Michelle • Wife. Mommy November 2016. 👶🏻
A year ago today.... 
I used my last pregnancy test out of 200 and got my first ever positive test after trying for over 2 years! I had never been so shocked, surprised, excited, nervous, and overwhelmingly happy. A year ago today I got the chance to tell my mom I was pregnant just 16 days before she died of melanoma. This news made her so happy and thankful in her last days. She had been praying for this for just as long as my husband and I had been.
Now, a year later I'm looking at my beautiful almost 4 month old daughter and I couldn't feel more blessed. I thank God for her every day and the gift she is to us and our whole family. Being pregnant with her helped me get through the death of my mom and her being here has helped us all heal. Thank you God for my beautiful Leah Katherine 💗