Left Abusive Relationship, Now Pregnant

Shawna • 👩🏻‍🎓👼🏼
Story of my life. 
You guys may recall my post about being strong, independent, sticking to your guns, and leaving people who abuse you mentally, physically, or emotionally. 
Now that I've done that, I'm pregnant. I did tell him and it's definitely his. 
My question to you ladies - do I still involve him?
A little background:
I left, accepted his cries back. This past Friday night, I had lied about my Pinterest picture (it was a selfie and not a picture of us) and there were a couple guys I was following on there (seriously from when I first joined, didn't even know who they were). He got mad, threw my phone at my face (iPhone 6s plus, with life proof case on). Followed me into the living room. To stop my crying and "being loud", he forcefully put his hand over my nose and mouth making it to where I couldn't breathe. I was literally kicking and clawing at him to set me free. My nose is bruised (internally) and I have a small scratch on my face. Nothing else. Not the first time but most recent episode.
I found out Saturday morning I am pregnant. 5 tests later, I'm finally convinced as of this morning. He knows. He thinks we are okay. He wants to get married and be a great dad. Have a family. That's great and all. But then I have 70 text messages - 70!!!!!! - concerning questions about my past, my clothing selection, and him getting pissed bc I'm not answering the dumb questions anymore.
He bashes me for my sexual past, tells me I dress trashy (🙄), calls me a whore/bitch when I disagree with him. My past is constantly in the present.. But lovvvves to call me all the good names when we are on good terms.
So, with all that being said. I'm honestly scared to have my child grow up around a man whose attitude can flip a switch in the matter of seconds. But I don't want to keep him from being a dad. I'm not sure if I should keep him updated throughout the process either? Any thoughts???
Thanks for all of your support❤ -S