Judgemental midwife

Sanna • Full time creative artist streaming live at twitch.tv/vid3okid
So I had my blood tests done today, I'm week 13. I'm absolutely shitlessly terrified of needles and I had to lie down while she did it, and afterwards lie down a bit longer. May I add that as soon as she came into the room and saw my scarred arms she immediately judged me. (Told her they were from my teens when I was depressed for various reasons)
So after said horrible needle I then sat back up in my chair after a few minutes. Very quickly my ears started ringing and I wondered if I was going to be sick or faint, or both at the same time. While I was having my legs up and struggling to sit upright while my partner fed me a clementine (I was so weak I couldn't even hold it) they were asking me questions for that pregnancy form. I couldn't hear them through my ringing ears so my partner answered for me. Right as I was starting to regain my old self again the midwife that took my blood just blurted out that she is going to refer me to a psychiatrist. I am noticeably extremely depressed because she sensed it as soon she walked into the room. I really need medicines and you've not even looked at me since you sat back up again. I tried explaining to her that I couldn't hear anything because I was tying not to faint, and if I moved my head or my eyes I would have. But she refused to listen and refused to listen to my partner that said that I'm perfectly fine and I don't need medication. When she asked me if there was any violence in our relationship and I said no she lifted her eyebrow and it was written all over her face that she didn't believe me. So now I have to deal with getting a call in a few days and having to explain that I'm not depressed. I've had a few sad moments but that's just my hormones over like food and stuff. Like oh no there's no cake. 
Next time I see her I will most likely ask for another midwife. I get she has to do her job but that was just being judgemental. Me and my partner has made it a meme. How you feeling dear? Oh horrible, I'm so depressed. Nope nope nope. Have you had a horrible midwife?