The blues suck!

Courtney • *Sheikish*
Have you ever just felt like something was wrong but you just couldn't put a finger on it? Like, you're overly upset, you're overly anxious, you're overly lovey dovey.. but it just makes you feel even worse if you act upon those feelings? I have been so excited for the gym all day.. get there, can't go in. Okay, so I come home. Listened to so pretty upbeat music, that didn't help. Okay, talk to hubby, he's getting irritated that you don't know what's wrong. Cool, call the family- no one answers. It's like I just keep sinking lower and lower. No, I don't feel like it's my depression rearing it's ugly head. So, I came out to the car, out on some sad music thinking okay, going to cry and get over it. I cried, but then when no more tears would come.. I feel even worse. I just don't know what to do. I'm going to go drink a chai with a tear stained face and bad posture.. because why not?