water instead of formula?

Beth • First time momma! Have a lovely little girl 💋 kaylee rose🌹 6/4/16
9 month appointment was today and her pediatrician asked what my daughters sleep schedule was like, I told her she gets up once or twice a night still(there's a lot of contributing factors like teething, sometimes she wants a bottle for comfort, she has never taken a paci but does every blue moon, most of the time she's just hungry, she's been wanting her bottle more since her teeth have been coming in because besides me that's the only thing that soothes her) so she told me to stop giving her formula and give her two ounces of water, but a couple months ago advised me not to give her any because it would drown her electrolytes. I get that her formula has sugar in it and she has teeth now but I clean my daughters mouth , I have a little soft baby toothbrush wic gave me its silicone and has tiny soft bristles and the gums where no teeth are yet get swiped with a wet wash cloth gently! Has anyone been told not to give formula and to give water instead?