Is anyone else considering adoption for their baby? Or done it in the past? How did you decide on a family? I'm looking through heaps of family profiles but they all seem so wonderful I can't even decide. They all claim to be everything I want for my daughter. Well-traveled and still take their kids great places. The parents have college degrees and wonderful careers. They have supportive families, which is something I've never had and wanted my whole life. They even have the same friends from childhood. They've been together a long time. They just seem to be so stable. And that's what I want for my baby girl. I want a family for her that can give her every opportunity to succeed in life, everything that I cannot give her. I'm going through AdoptHelp, and the woman I'm working with is so helpful but she can't really help me with this step. I know they can't all truly be as wonderful as their profiles say but I just can't decide or tell which may be too good to be true. I have to narrow it down from like 100 to 3. So far the only families I've been able to eliminate are the families with more children. I want her to have at least one sibling, but I don't want a family that has like three already. I don't want those children to lose the attention they are so used to and end up resenting her. Or her not get the attention she needs because they have too many children to balance. I've never had to do this before. I'm so lost, and I have no one close to me to ask for advice.