Scared and Anxious

Emmy β€’ Momma to two little beauties. πŸ’œ Healing from loss. πŸ‘Ό Rainbow baby due in September. 🌈
I miscarried last month but I knew very early in that pregnancy that I was pregnant because I had horrible insomnia as well as breasts that were sore enough to wake me up when I rolled over at night haha!Β 
My husband wanted to get right back in the saddle (figuratively πŸ˜‰) and we had heard that fertility levels are peaked after having a miscarriage...does anyone know if there is any truth behind that?Β 
I am very in tune with my body but I am scared to get excited and I'm trying my hardest not to test until AF is late. Tips for getting through these 14 dpo?Β 
Sending love and baby dust to all my future mamas out there! πŸ’œ Praying for my rainbow baby.