idk what to do....

so my bf gave me his phone to keep while he was doing something and so i went on snapchat like i usually do so i can send out his streaks and maybe post a cute selfie of myself on his story. but i noticed he got a snapchat from a girl i didn't know and so i went on their messages and saw this. at first i thought it was a joke cause he could've just been referring to her cat but im not sure what to think about it. also, she said something about dick pics (which has nothing to do with cats), so that makes me feel like maybe he's been sending her shit. also, i have anxiety and i always worry about the littlest things way too much so i just want your guy's opinions if i should confront him or just ignore it. so far im just letting it go to see if they send anymore messages back and forth and i just took that picture for evidence if i need it. 
p.s. i crossed out her name and face for privacy reasons and because im not trying to call anyone out for something that im not 100% sure is happening. 

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