Moms in School

I am 31 weeks pregnant. Iam really happy to have my first kid. I waited until my hubby got his maters and good job and try to have baby. I am currently working on my Accounting degree but I need a few semesters to graduate. And I don't want to stop school after the baby arrive.  And no family here to look after her for a few days. All back home Utah.  I signs for some online classes for the summer coming up. Hope I can do it. But iam taking how iam going to school for the fall semester and having a 3 months old at home, and hubby working 8am to 7pm sometime later than that.  I know there's not a good time for a baby. I need my degree as well. I just need advice for some moms whose in school. how I can keep going to school after she is born in May.  How I guys work your school work and motherhood life.