DIY onesies??

Cameron • 💖
So I was on Pinterest like I am all the time 😂 and I keep seeing these super cute onesies with funny sayings or cute designs on them, but when I click them they're from obscure expensive websites (like $40, people.. for a onesie.. seriously.) so I feel like I've had a good idea and I want some feedback! 
I have always been super crafty and "artsy fartsy" and I know I could recreate them and make up some of my own for a fraction of the price, but would that be something other moms would buy? I'd list them on Etsy and probably advertise on Pinterest, but I think it could be cute! What do you guys think? 
Some examples include:
"I still live with my parents"
"I'm not drunk I'm tit faced"
And other funny sayings

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