Upsetting doctors appointment.

I just got my BFP on the 8th. I took another test yesterday and it was also positive! I have been having some issues with one of my eyes (red, itchy, watery, etc) for a week or so. I had been treated for a sinus infection earlier this month and was given Clarithromycin. I stopped taking it last Thursday. I went to a minute clinic today to have a look at my eyes and see if it was allergy related or more. When I told the doctor that I was pregnant she immediately turned back to her computer and started going through the medications I take and telling me how some of them can be super dangerous. I am fine with her telling me this as she is a doctor and it is her job to inform me. However, she made it seem like I had done something on purpose to harm my baby by taking those antibiotics. She asked me if the pregnancy was planned and seemed disgruntled when I said yes. I know there is harm in taking some medications but I had no idea I was pregnant when I took them! Has anyone else experienced a health professional giving them such a cold shoulder before about something they didn't know they could prevent? I just feel overwhelmed and upset right now and since my husband and I haven't told anyone we're pregnant we don't have anyone to talk to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!