in law rant

My in laws are possibly the worst there is. My husband and I are 24 going on 25 and we've been really fortunate with opportunities that have been presented to us so we're doing great. Both have great jobs. Paid off our first house in a year and almost have a brand new jeep that we purchased last year paid off. Every time something happens with his parents they call and say "we need to talk to you" and by you they mean my husband. I'm never included in conversations when they're begging for money. They paid about a third of what we paid for our house and got this house two years before we got ours yet here we are and they still have not paid it off. My father in law was working on the oil rigs as a driller and made more money alone than me and my husband made together yet they're still begging us for help. Last night his mom calls and leaves a voicemail saying his dad has a job but can get a better one making $6 more of he takes a drug test so if she brings over a bottle could he give them some of his pee. What in the actual fuck is wrong with them. All they've done my whole pregnancy is piss me off. My husband ignored all of his moms phone calls so apparently that meant come over with a bottle and give it to him. I'm just so over his parents. In my opinion of you can't pass a drug test than apparently you don't deserve that job.