Should I feel guilty


So... I came across this article on Facebook and it just got me thinking. I work in social work so that means I should care about doing more and giving more to people in need, but so often I pass up on the opportunity.

A little background: I'm a child abuse investigator with about 3 years on the job. Currently I work the severe physical abuse and sexual abuse cases only. Prior to this I worked a lot of minor abuse and neglect cases. My job entails long hours, unpredictability due to emergent cases, on call at least once or twice a week, high caseload, mountains of paperwork, unrealistic deadlines and expectations... and then throw in the fact that these cases are emotionally hard to deal with at times. And when they aren't emotional, that's when you start worrying how screwed up you are in the head (lol). Anyone who has worked in CPS or child welfare can understand how stressful this job really is.

So I've noticed myself feeling like I've given enough. Does that make sense? Like when you're at the cash register and they ask if you want to add a dollar for some charity or fund, I can sort of hear myself internally saying "No, I already give too much of myself, let someone else." Like I've already done my fair share for society today. And I'm not proud to admit this. Maybe I should keep these thoughts to myself. But I'm the one who's job it is to look after the welfare of children.... and I can't bring myself to do a little extra outside of work? Hmm... So do I only care about helping others because it's my job? Or am I just so drained from helping people in the course of my job, that I have nothing left to give in my personal life?

I don't know, but now that I'm aware of these feelings maybe I can do a little better. Anyone else relate to this or have thoughts about it?

And please be nice with your comments. I'm just questioning whether or not I should feel guilty for not personally giving back to society (as in donating or volunteering or giving money) when I literally spend my entire work week helping people and trying to do good in the community.