Scared to workout 🙁

Em • 1 Samuel 1:27 | EDD 11.21.17 💚
So I've been pregnant all of five minutes and I'm terrified to work out! I always workout moderately 3-4 days a week so I should be completely fine to continue doing so, but I'm so nervous. Yesterday I did a step class and you should've seen me. I was pathetic 😩. I'm always front and center with two steps (risers) going full throttle. I started off with two risers and then about 10 minutes in I took off one and just did the movements on that one. Then about 10 minutes after that I stopped using that riser and just did the routine on the regular floor! 😂 I also skipped the abs session. Like I literally didn't do one single ab exercise. I am almost 5 weeks, which is super early, so while I definitely want to stay active, a part of me feels like I should go into hiding, lay flat and be completely still until I birth our little one! 😂 (Or at least make it out of the first trimester.)  I'm nuts! I know I'm being ridiculous, but my goodness am I nervous! Please tell me I'm not the only one? Are you brand spanking new preggo ladies still working out? Are you a ball of nerves like me? How are you coping?