So I'm dating someone currently. We've been seeing each other for just over a month, and we regularly go over to each other's house. For the first couple months of talking and few weeks of dating, we would message each other non stop until the early hours of the morning, but now he'll send maybe 5 messages during the day and I'll either have to wait until 12 to be able to talk to him a little bit more regularly but still not like it used to be. When we're alone together at one of our houses, he's really intimate and hugs and kisses me. But during the day he hardly talks to me. I don't know what to think of it. I already asked if anything was up a week or so ago and he just said that he still loves spending time with me but he's just really busy and not sure he can give me as much attention as he used to, however he's also told me he's done nothing earlier on in the day when he has taken hours to respond. What should I do?