Dealing with Anxiety.

Yesterday I was at my husbands sisters party and I had a panic attack. I'm very shy so I don't speak to anyone unless if they speak first. His family is the opposite of shy and I swear he had like 100+ family there when there's an event. I only have like 10 family members at ours so I'm definitely not used to it. Anyways we got there late so everyone was already done eating so once we got there we walked in and all attention was on us! I seriously think I had an heart attack. I rushed over to the table with his mom because i can talk to her more then any of his other family members. She told us to go get some food and I was waiting on my husband but he was talking to his cousin. (I tell him to not leave me when we're at family events because like I said I'm shy and I don't talk to no one.) well he didn't hurry up so I finally just gave in and went up and got food. Of course it's in front of everyone, I know people didn't pay attention but I still felt like all attention was on me...I sat down and I had no one to talk to, didn't have my phone, so I literally have nothing to do but eat. I still felt like attention was on me because me and my husband was the only one eating. There was a baby walking around and he came up to me and smiled and everything and all I did was smile because I don't know how to handle situations like that. I can tell I was getting anxious because I was bouncing my leg up and down and I kept looking at the table. Couple of mins past and everyone went outside to play games and whatever. And I stood there by myself because my husband was hanging out with his cousins (I don't stop him from letting him see his family I let him do whatever he wants.) well I stood there for about and hour. No one said anything to me. They know I'm shy so I don't think anyone bothers to anymore. I felt like I needed some space and I went and sat in my car. I know it might seem rude but I seriously don't know how to handle stuff like this. Around my family I'm fine but it's more like his family. Like I said there's about 100+ at every event so it's pretty intense. I don't know how to deal with situations like this. I can't get myself to actually talk to anyone or do anything by myself. I think to much and it puts a lot of pressure on to me.😓😓😓 anyone have any advice that I could use?