I just got a positive pregnancy test after a year+ of fluctuations in my TSH. I currently take 112mcg of Synthroid. I sent my endo a message and she wants me to take 2 doses of my 112mcg 2x per week and the regular dose the other 5 days. I'm a nervous wreck that my thyroid is going to make me miscarry. I had a miscarriage back in 2015, but I have struggled to keep my TSH levels in check for long enough to get the green light for pregnancy until last month! We conceived 2 days after the go ahead! I'm having beta HCG drawn tomorrow and I'm going to the endo in 4 weeks to recheck my levels. I eat gluten free 98% of the time. Any other words of advice? I didn't have Hashimoto's with my little boy (he's 5)! 
My TSH was 1.72 the week before I ovulated. My endo wants me to stay below 2.5, but ideally in the 1 range.