Im a high school senior getting ready to go to college to become a marine mammal vet. I got into two great colleges. Albright in PA and Iowa State university. I took a tour today at Albright and the campus is super small like everything is walking distance which is amazing and the classes have a 1:14 ratio. There some problems though, like its a liberal arts school so you basically have to retake high school classes at a college level. You must attend like 16 events before tou graduate and its hard to transfer from that school to a differnt school. Also freshman are forced into freshman only dorms ( whatever) but they have to get a meal plan, there's no kitchen for you to cook tour own meals and the dinning hall is open 7am-7pm but there's a place called Jake's in the dinning hall that's open later and there's a weis and a wawa across the street so walking distance. But I like making my own food this way i k ow how fresh it is and whats in it. I haven't toured Iowa yet but I do know you can cook your own food in the community kitchen on the floor so I don't know i tour Iowa. Was it hard for those of you who are in college or out of college picking one to go to and how did you know you made the right choice