My Best Friend Hijacking My Pregnancy

Renae • 26 years old, married to my best friend, stay at home mom to little AJ and our two dogs.
Ok so I am 5+1 weeks and I found out Thursday. My bf found out Friday and due to a scare my best friend found out Sunday morning. She helped us move into our apt Friday. She came over Sunday and brought me Halo Top ice cream that I've been wanting to try because she was getting herself some. And she came over and we talked baby stuff. She forgot her ice cream and so came over yesterday to get it and of course we talked some more baby stuff and about stuff going on with her life. My bf expressed to me last night that he feels like she is always here since we found out and she is highjacking my pregnancy. He says I'm making him feel like I'm doing this with her and he's just kind of here. Obviously I don't want him to feel this way! Toni has been my best friend for 10 years. She has been through this process with her sister and her other friend like 3 times. She can't have kids but she's fine with that because she doesn't really want them. She enjoys being an Auntie more. She's just trying to help me because this is my first pregnancy. She's also going to give us a lot of stuff that we need that her sister has and never used or doesn't need anymore. It's hardly been a week out of nine months but how do I keep my bf from feeling this way? I know he doesn't really like her all that much but I'm not getting rid of her. She's my best friend and part of my support system. How can I make him feel more of a part of this in these coming weeks?