husband rant!!!! EDIT

I want to punch him so hard right now!!!!! He's been asleep on the sofa for well over an hour after I finally got my baby to sleep. Hubby has been drunk nearly ever day for the last week! Baby wakes up crying for his bottle and bedtime, normal routine is I change and put baby boy in his pjs and hubby makes his bottle. Well my jackass of an excuse for a husband gets up goes and makes himself some cookies and milk! He's 33!!!!! And a shitload of crisps! Boy is hysterical for his bottle and then hubby makes out like I'm an asshole!!! He can genuinely go fuck himself!!! Lucky I breastfeed so I could give boy food straight away! I get up every night on my own put OUR son to bed every night on my own and look after him all day on my own!!!!!  He's off work this two weeks and all he cares about is getting drunk and stuffing his face!!!! I'm so angry!!!! When you have a child you have to put your babies needs above any of you own! That's it nothing else! Am I not hungry and thirsty and need a wee after having dealt with my son for the last 6 hours on my own?! Arghhh!!! Men are so fucking selfish!!!!!!
Sorry ladies needed to rant!!!
Well another and another sweet treat! Tonight it's chocolate and clotted cream! Boy is screaming his head off and hubby is making himself cake and cream! Does nothing we say make any difference?!!