What would you do?


So I'm posting this in CC because there's a variety of people with different views, so I'm hoping to get different advice other than what I've already thought of...

Anyways- I have a friend (we'll call her Z) and she's been married to her husband (A) for quite some time now (not sure on the # of years, but it's more than 5). They are a very happy couple, in fact the perfect couple in most people's eyes. However, when they argue A turns into a bully. He yells at her and tells her everything she's doing wrong. And sometimes he'll get physical with her (mainly grabbing..to my knowledge) the most previous fight has left bruises from where he grabbed her.. his main goal when they fight is to hurt her feelings and he succeeds every single time. In the beginning he would feel guilty right away and apologize, now, he could (couldn't?) care less. He may say some half assed apology, but that's it. I'm one of the only people who know about all of this, and it's hard to tell her what to do. It's easy to tell her to leave, but to be married for such a long time and then throw it all away....I just don't know 😕😔

What would you do if you were Z? And how would you handle a bully spouse?

Edit: I have no idea why I put Z and A. She and He would've been much easier to understand lol