boyfriend drama

My boyfriend broke up with me a day after we saw each other and at that time everything was fine. We were both each other's firsts. His friend is a fuck boy and my boyfriend was never one. My boyfriend said he wanted the single life as we had been in a relationship for years. He said some awful things while we were broken up but always checked on me to see how I was going. He didn't get With anyone else although his friends tried. So I started to move on then all of the sudden he wanted me back and I eventually agreed. He apologised many times and also to my family. I'm still super hurt over it. We have been together for a month now and I'm still super mad over the things he said to me. I want it to work and he is trying hard to make it work too. I'm distancing myself to him as im protecting myself. I just need some advice. I'm only 17 but I just am so confused. Has anyone been in the same situation?