he called me a chunky pigeon!!!

We moved in the 1st of this month and it's been complicated to say the least especially since his best friend moved in with us until he finds a place. Tonight I thought we would actually spend time together and as I laid on him he said "it's weird I don't find you attractive it's more like your cute now like a chunky pigeon" mind you I'm 10 weeks pregnant and I got upset he stormed off saying he couldn't stand my attitude.. what did I do? I can't even approach him bc he makes stupid ohhh don't start with your I'm pregnant and have hormones then you'll say baby blues and so fourth... y'all I'm shaking I'm so upset I'm bed crying and he is outside eating wings he ordered watching a movie I feel like the worst mother putting a second baby through this I'm already mom of 1 and divorced ..I seriously feel I deserve this for being so stupid