Baby Wont let Husband Touch Me or Her

Hello. My daughter is 10 months today :) I noticed some odd behavior. When my husband rests his hand on my lap, my daughter will move his hand away and whine. When we hold hands, she'll grunt and pull our hands apart and when I touch him, she'll whine until I stop. When he even looks at her and says her name, she fallout and have a fit. Same thing goes if I hug or kiss hubby in front of her. She tries to separate us. What do I do??? 
She is attached to me. She's ebf and ALWAYS wants me. I can't get anything done. Even when he's willing to watch her because she'd cry excessively until I'm around to pick her up. I keep saying he should spend a couple days with her without me but I'm not sure leaving will add to her anxiety and make things worse? Please help.