Since I've started working graveyard I've become so depressed. I sleep until I have to wake up for work. I'm not eating. I'm barely working out I can't find the motivation to go to the store even tho I really need something. On my days off I sleep in to about 9pm then drag myself to the couch unless my husband has friends over then I stay in bed. The only actual thing ive ate in days is a 10pc nugget. At work I get told I don't do anything right even tho I work 12 hours straight no break. If I don't have the next shifts stuff done the ladies who come km after me yell at me. I'm one person it's difficult to do my job then 2 other people's job too. (My boss is one of the ones who wants me to get her stuff done too before she comes in) I hate my body. I get upset whenever I see it or whenever I eat. I end up crying over it. I'm sorry guys I have no one else to tell this too my husband doesn't understand or seem to even notice that I'm this low.