Do white parents "parent" different than black parents?

🐻MamaBear🐻 • I guess I have a bad attitude who knew? 😂 I vaccinate my kid's💉, my son is circumcised✂, I'm not an animal person😺🐶, I'm an atheist👿 and proud💪
I was watching a YouTube video of a black father disciplining his son because he stole by offering an ass whopping or letting his dad destroy his Xbox. The son said to save his xbox so the dad ran it over anyways; reading the comments a lot of people were making comments like "white people need to learn from this cause if they did they wouldn't have asshole for kids" and "this is why black people have delinquents for kids" etc and I was really wondering if because expect you to discipline your kid a certain base on color if thay makes since?

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