was I raped?

So when I was younger I believe 8 or 9...possibly younger. Sorry I don't remember exactly :/ anyways, I was sexually abused by a family member and it would always happen in the bathroom (this is important) I don't think he physically raped me, (again I don't remember much about this time) but as I have gotten older I'm not so sure anymore. The reason I have started questioning if he did or not was my boyfriend and I were having sex in the bathroom (I was high) and h had me bent over the tub while we were doing it. When we were done, I started having flashbacks of what happened when I was younger and I started crying. I just couldn't stop the images. A few times I pictured myself bent over the tub getting fucked by the family member. Idek if it was a flashback or just a picture in my head, but it cared me. I couldn't stop crying. Anyone have the same experience? It's been bugging me a lot lately and idk wht to do. I've heard of ptsd and wondered if maybe thts wht happened. Someone plz help me.