My FIL is such a pain

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At my last check up my dr told me she was concerned I could have placenta accreta. She went over everything I could expect if this is the case. She told me she wanted to see me back in 2 weeks instead of 4 and that most likely she'd need to set me up with the high risk dr for a more detailed ultrasound. Of course I told my husband about what the dr said. He talked to his dad and now his dad is telling everyone that I HAVE placenta accreta. People are calling and texting me because they are understandably worried. We just found out Wednesday that there is a chance, my husband told his dad Friday and now his whole family knows. We didn't want to share this with everyone. Theres no need to right now since we don't even know for sure. Even if I do have it we never intended to share it with everyone right away. We wanted to have time to process everything and make plans. Besides I don't think everyone needs to know I might have to have a hysterectomy. Maybe I'm over thinking it but that's personal to me. I'm so pissed at my FIL for using our scary situation as a way to get attention. Who calls everyone they can to share something like this? It's not his place to do it.