So much backlash!


I'm getting so much backlash from...

1) Not wanting to know the baby's sex

2) Cloth Diapering

3) Not wanting a baby shower

1) I tried for 10yrs to get pregnant I figured I & everyone else can wait another 5 months to know if it's a boy or a girl. It's the one surprise we can all share as a family.

2) We don't rely on anybody & we never have! So cloth diapers will save us a ton of money, environmentally friendly & they are uber cute!

3) I have (literally) ZERO friends (due to anxiety & anti-social personality disorder). So that leave me with just my mom & my brother ex girlfriend (basically a sister who is now married with 2kids) that it! On his side he has his mom, sister & dad's girlfriend and maybe 3 relatives that would attend our baby shower. So what's the point!? My mom doesn't care for his mom & sister so why make it awkward? I have 5 months to save up & prepare for the babies arrival & that should be plenty of time to get everything we need to take care of him or her. And if anyone else chooses to help then we would obviously be grateful. Am I being selfish for wanting to do it this way? It's not like it's the first grand child for either side so why make a fuss?