Strict parents make sneaky kids?

It really makes me frustrated to see so many posts about how strict parents always lead to kids rebelling and sneaking out. My mom never let me date until I turned 17. I had a crush on a boy from 7th grade and through most of high school but, you know what? I respected my mom and didn't sneak out or try to date him. I understood that a relationship is meant to lead to marriage not just to be dating someone and make out and have sex. And when I did get a boyfriend, my mom had strict rules and, you know what? I didn't go against what she said. I didn't complain about her being so strict and having to sneak out. I know my mom wants me to not have sex until I'm married and it's because she ended up getting an abortion before me because she wasn't married or ready. And you know what? I still have managed to not have sex even though I've been in 2 relationships for over a year each! Crazy right? It's not about your parents being strict, it's about them knowing what's best for you and you having respect for wanting the best for you and not going behind their back. And yes I do think for myself, I see no reason to have sex before marriage because I know I'm not ready to have a kid unless I'm married and I'm almost 21. So please DO NOT JUST ASSUME ALL TEENS GO BEHIND THEIR PARENTS BACK, SOME OF US ACTUALLY RESPECTED OUR PARENTS AND WOULDNT GO BEHIND THEIR BACK.