over due and shit partner and annoying in laws!

I'm overdue and I'm sick and tired of people telling me to drink this, do this, telling me I'll get induced if I don't do this, especially my mum who's a midwife and very annoying at the moment.
Then my partner doesn't help me around the house, doesn't help me emotionally, lays in bed, constantly getting texts off his family and friends "where the baby" Off my friends too. 
I can't clean the house, plus it a new house we have no floors down I've asked him to ring the floor people to get a move on, nope. He hasn't. Ask him to walk the dog as he pulls, he doesn't. Ask him to let him out in the garden on a morning, he doesn't. Ask him to help me wash the dishes he doesn't. I'm drained everyone is stressing me out I can't bring a baby into the world like this!