Hey, ladies. This is my second month TTC (I'm on day 6 of a 28 day cycle). Hubby and I decided that we wanted to try to speed up the process and hopefully succeed sooner by using Preseed. Before I spend the money, though, I have a few questions.
So, normally we don't need lube (maybe TMI, but it gets wet enough down there on its own). However, we're only going to be able to DTD in the beginning of my fertile period (CD10-12), which will also be, at minimum, 2-3 days before my predicted O date. For that reason, I was wondering (despite natural wetness) if we would benefit from it because it would be able to mimic the more fertile CM that may not otherwise be there so early before O. 
As I said, I'm just making sure you ladies think it would be worth the money before I go and get it. Thanks in advance for any input!