husband told his mom to come early...I'm pissed

I'm happy that I'll be having my baby in 12 days (unless I go sooner). But I'm starting to freak out a little bc last night my MIL called me (lives 6 hrs away) and said she's coming down Memorial Day week to help us out with our dogs and cooking and staying at hospital with me when I'm induced (not ok with this...keep reading)  just whatever we need her for..... well.... I think that's super sweet however... I've told my husband I only want him or no one in l&d with me. Basically, there's a chance when I go for my next ultrasound this Friday the doc said she may go ahead and send me at that time for induction. In which case, my husband will be working and bc of his job he wouldn't be able to be with me like he could if we can wait until June 1 for induction. SO, his solution was to tell his mom to come early just in case bc he doesn't want me by myself. Ok, thanks hubby but what about my own mother? Idk...basically I'm kind of annoyed bc if I don't get induced early then his mom will be here for days on end while he works long ass shifts and quite frankly I just don't feel like entertaining someone when I'm already so nervous about upcoming delivery. Not to mention I don't want her at the hospital with me just the 2 of us. I never see her, I'm not comfortable with that. I don't want to be writhing in pain with her in the room with me. I feel like it would be awkward...and he didn't even give me a chance to talk to my own mom. I mean I know this is his baby too but damn.