1..2..3..and breath


It's just one of those days where every single thing upsets your 3year old no matter what you do or it's about.

You try different steps to defuse the situation you trying talking calmly then you end up shouting just to get over their screaming and then decide to ignore them but still nothing works.

Me and my husband have had this all day so we decided we would take our 3 year old out for a walk to see if that would help calm everything down plus we had to pick a few bits up in shop for lunch.

It started working till we got to the shop and she wanted a magazine I said no cos I don't want her thinking that she will get a reward for being bad plus she had one yesterday and that was it world war 3 kicked off.

We had screaming, hitting, throwing to the floor all the while people are watching thinking we are hurting our child.

Iam 6 months pregnant I cant pick her up like I use to so my husband does and she starts hitting and pinching, we dont shout at her we try ignoring the situation just so we can finish are bits and go but no all these people are starring, making comments and looking down on us even following us.

iam starting to get emotional cos we love her so much and would never hurt her we are just having a bad day and all I want to say is do none of you have children and go threw this, when I see a mum/dad with a screaming child I think I so know what your going threw, i feel your pain not judge them straight away 😡 it got to much for me 😢 we ended up leaving our shopping and just walking away.

We didn't speak walking home, when we got in I put her down for a nap and she went sleep straight away, iam now sitting trying to distress/calm down before i put my self into early labour.

My vent is over now