little germ machines

Jennifer • Mommy of 2 beautiful girls💜💜
So my daughter started daycare two weeks ago only for a few hours and only twice a week so she could get used to all the kids and stuff like that. Well her and I are now both sicker then dogs, fevers, runny nose,vomiting, cough, and diarrhea. My sil told me this would happen that soon as she started daycare everyone in the house would be sick for the first month, thankfully my husband started sleeping on the couch just in case we did get sick he wouldn't and what do you know....we got sick😑 why do kids have to be little germ machines? Like I haven't been sick at all since I had her 8 months ago and my husband has been sick six times, and never got either of us sick. What's the difference between daycare and home? But oh well just wanted to vent cause I'm super annoyed