Post partum sex?!


Went to my doctors yesterday for a check up. I am 25 days post partum. And they asked me if I had sex yet. I felt shy but answered honestly yes. Yes I have and she said it was ok as long as I was using protection. She said its ok to have sex if you had stopped bleeding and stitches were healed. ( which they were ). They only worry about infection and pregnancy with having sex right after birth. So she had brought me a "goodie bag" full of condoms lol

So with that being said me and my bf had some time together last night ;) and I felt like it was the best I've had in a while. Like the night I conceived that was a good night too.

It made me so tired and weak in the knees but felt so good. :) felt like we had a very beautiful connection between us last night too.

Sorry wanted to share somewhere.