overwhelmed 😅

So I'm back at work full time and my fiancé works full time too, but he just switched from 3rds to mornings/day shift. So he still expects me to take care of our 8 wk old pretty much alone. At night I get up with her he just sleeps through it, he says he's sleep is important for his job...like mine isn't. Our LO has been gassy the past 2 days so she isn't sleeping well, I'm just overwhelmed and didn't think I'd be pretty much doing this on my own. I have to get up at 5am to get me and the baby ready because I have to be at work by 7am. I just don't know what to do. I'm also afraid I have a little bit of PPD/PPA but I'm not sure and I'm afraid people will think I'm a bad mom because I'm just so exhausted I want time away from my baby just to have me time and sleep. I love my baby more then anything I just don't think I can keep doing this.