Has having a baby made you a germ freak?

I have always been a germaphobe, but having a baby has really increased the level of things I worry about. When we brought our newborn home, we had issues even getting my inlaws to wash their hands before handling our son!! My mother in law flat out refused at one point. I felt so disrespected as a parent! Eventually they finally got the memo it was either wash or don't hold. Now lately with our lil man starting to teeth my in laws are wanting to put their dirty hands in his mouth!!! I know I'm a new mom, and some of you think I need to just get over it, but I do not feel like someone else's hands should be in my kids mouth rubbing his gums all over! Ugh. I am just extremely uncomfortable with it. When I asked them to please not, I got a "why?"  Maybe it's the difference in families? But In my family, we have not put our hands in other babies mouths. Please tell me I'm not the only one like this? I'm not sure how to address the situation anymore.