Yesterday standing in line to order at a restaurant i felt a gush, I knew something was coming out. Immediately went to the restroom. I saw one tiny, maybe dime sized clot, and the rest was bright red blood. This flowed for maybe 2 minutes ans started to slow down. Enough that I was able to eat with a toilet paper pad in my panties. When we got home it was merely a dribble and ended quickly. I have had a couple of brownish wipes when going potty.

I immediately contacted the on call OB, who very unprofessionally in my opinion said, "it sounds like this baby isn't going to grow." This was based on my description of what happened.

I have not had an US, I went in for HcG an hour later. HcG was over 39000. I go back monday (2days later) to recheck.

Let me say, it's a tough waiting game. Wondering if I'm losing my second pregnancy this year.

I do have a little bit of pulling/cramping but it is way out in the crest of my hips. Which I had been experiencing previous to the bleeding.

Just needed to share what's going on with me as I have read many other women's stories and hoping to get some positive feedback.

On a positive note, on our way home from the blood test I found a heads up penny, which I put in my left shoe. Later, I saw, and wished upon the one and only star I could see in the sky, and it was 11:11 at the same moment. I pray often for a healthy baby. I hope these were signs of his....